Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Career MBA

With the growth in the industrial sector and the boom in the service industry, there has been a sharp growth in demand for highly qualified professional in the management field. An MBA degree today has become a prerequisite to joining and having consistent growth in the Corporate Sector.
A degree in Management opens out the world of careers to an individual instead of restricting options. The MBA degree is of two years generally whereas the Executive MBA is also a good option that one can pursue in one year but requires prior experience. Jobs after management can range from - Insurance, Consulting, BPO, Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, Banking, Corporate Finance, Stock Analyst etc. etc.
Whilst pursuing the degree subjects studied include both generalized (Economics, Business Communication, Basics in Marketing & Financial Planning, Operations Research, Taxation, Company Law etc.) & specific ones (Financial Accountancy & Analysis, Financial Management, Brand Management, Sales, Training, HR, etc.)
A two-year course, the first year of an MBA degree is a general one in which all students are given insight into all aspects of a “company”. Courses include Basics in Accounting, Economics, Financial Planning, Law, and HR etc. In the second year however the student gets a clearer and in-depth picture of the specialization that they choose. The options generally are –
· Finance
· Sales & Marketing
· Human Resources
· Operations Management
· Entrepreneurship
Most MBA colleges also allow joint specializations like - Major in Finance & Minor in Marketing etc. Other new areas like insurance have also now been added as sub-specializations by a lot of institutes.
Entrepreneurship can really not be covered independently as an Entrepreneur is basically an individual who sets up his organization in any field. It would thus be best to follow the same after a Management degree as this gives you all the skills required to start your own enterprise. 


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