Monday, November 9, 2009

IT Hardware Jobs Types & Courses

Hardware jobs are in production, service, R&D and maintenance.

Designing Computers
  • Electronics and computer engineers work on developing new designs and modifying earlier ones.
  • Work on chips, circuit design, computer architecture or the design of devices that are not a part of the computer but work with it, such as a printer.
  • Engineers who design and develop computers only work for the big manufacturers.
  • Research and development in peripheral integration. Product quality control and reliability testing

Computer Manufacture
  • Large unorganized sector in this industry - use the screwdriver technology, i.e., they get all the parts from abroad and assemble the computer.
  • Jobs in manufacturing are from component assembly to testing and monitoring of the computers being manufactured

Maintenance Service
  • Maintenance equipment is supplied by the manufacturers, large machines require closer monitoring. Hence, service engineers are mostly hired by manufacturers of computer equipment and maintenance firms
  • An emerging field is third party maintenance firm in which companies other than the computer manufacturers provide maintenance service for a fee.
  • With leadership skills, you could become a supervisor or service manager in this field. There is scope for entrepreneurial work too.
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