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Career in Information Technology
IT (Information Technology) means different things to different people - to some, it means the whole lot of activities that revolve around the ubiquitous computers, to others, "pure" IT might mean only hardware or programming jobs, and to some, even producing content for the Web might be a part of this vast and ever-increasing field called IT.

With the Internet, very literally, encompassing all in its "web", the scope this field offers to people is wide and varied. Entries can be made as programmers, systems analysts, web developer, E- commerce specialists etc.

The only thing you need to have to be successful in this sector is focus; you need to have your goals determined and your path defined. Since most of the work to be found in this sector is in the private sector, and promotions and appraisals will almost always be performance-based, you have to be constantly on your toes. This is a hugely competitive field, with thousands, if not millions making entries into it everyday. Having said that, it also needs to be emphasized that the opportunities are immense and ever-increasing.

So if you have a logical mind and the ability to grasp, retain and stay abreast of all the innovations being made in this field everyday - IT is the industry to be in.

The Prospects

Best places to work include – IBM, Compaq, HP, Wipro, Oracle, Infosys, Accenture, SAP, PeopleSoft etc.

Study Routes / IT Courses:

-->Hardware Jobs
Minimum Education Qualification - Graduate (UG) Engineer in Electronics/Computer or a Postgraduate (PG) Engineer in Microelectronics / Computers

Software Jobs

-->JOB - Systems programmer
Minimum Education Qualification - Any UG program with knowledge of computer programmes and programming skills.

-->JOB - Analyst programmer
Minimum Education Qualification - An engineering degree and MCA. Programming skills and should be experienced in systems design.

-->JOB - Systems analyst
Minimum Education Qualification - UG in Engineering/Applied Maths/Accountancy/ Business/Physical Sciences / Computer Science / Information Science/ Computer Information Systems / Data Processing.

-->JOB - Application programmer
Minimum Education Qualification - UG in Arts/Science/Commerce/Statistics/ Engineering/MBA (systems) , PG - MCA

JOB - Sales & Marketing
Minimum Education Qualification - Diploma in Electronics / Experience in computer maintenance. UG / Diploma / PG in Sales Marketing

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