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Career in Corporate Finance, Job Prospects, Personality Traits & Salary

Corporate finance professionals look after the day to day financial requirements within any corporate / service industry. It is an essential department within any organization. The financial arm could have its own experts in taxation, accounting, stock markets and investments etc.


All Corporates
Best Companies include – HLL, Infosys, Cipla, Nestle, Ranbaxy etc

The Job

  • Dealing with day to day financial requirements of the organization
  • Meeting and accounting for all monetary requirements of different departments within the company e.g. Manufacturing, IT, Marketing, Sales etc.
  • Raising finance for the company through suitable instruments such as Loans, Debentures, Commercial Paper, Stock Markets etc.
  • Liasioning / Maintaining Relationships with Banks and Financial Agencies to ensure most cost effective funds when required and timely repayment of the same.
  • Looking after all Foreign Currency transactions and trading – spot / forward covers, derivatives, swaps etc.
  • Maintaining and monitoring of the Balance Sheet and other Accounting methods for the company
  • Ensuring all Statutory Requirement are timely met by the company e.g. taxation, RBI declarations etc
  • Responsible for Cash Management – Receivable & Payments to Suppliers, Salary, PF etc.
  • Collect, organise, collate and analyse all internal and financial information to evaluate regular critical analyses of past and present financial performance and make projections for the future which influences decisions.
  • Cost auditing provides an evaluative data of a company's past performance, current product profile making possible suitable product pricing.
  • Responsible for the Annual / Quarterly budgeting exercises of the company
  • Liasioning with Stock Exchanges and ensures stock price stability in the market
  • Makes all investment portfolio decisions for the company – manages the risk to profitability line. Takes decisions on where to park the company’s excess funds and responsible for generating income from the same.
  • Staying extremely updated and aware of changes in the economic environment and government regulations

Personality Traits

  • Innovative
  • Sound Financial Skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Risk taker
  • High level of integrity

Career Progression

To begin with a fresh recruit would join in as an Assistant manager. After about 3-4 years (based on performance could move to a Manager position and so on. Normally, in a medium sized company, after 9-10 years of experience there are chances of making it to the Chief Finance Officer position for deserving candidates.


Assistant Manager - Starting Position. INR 3 – 4 lacs after a PG degree.
CFO – Chief Financial Officer : Approx INR 50 – 60 lacs per annum in an Indian Coprorate and INR 80 lace – 1 Crore in an MNC.

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