Monday, March 3, 2014

MBA in Logistics is of Much Help in Getting a Good Job

India has witnessed a huge wave of development in logistics over the past five years. The economic growth rate was 9% which is an assuring fact as far as the countrymen are concerned. There was an increasing demand for supply chain and logistics and the insufficient set up caused inflation in the country. Logistics and supply chain had to be developed because of the growth of the agricultural sector. The cost of logistics in India is much higher than what it is in the developed nations. This caused misery to most Indians and it also shows India in a bad light in the global picture. An MBA in logistics would help people to contribute to the GDP of the country they live in.
The field of logistics involves transportation, the handling of materials and warehousing, according to In order to have any flourishing business the demands of the customers have to be met by supplying the goods, products and services which are asked for. The bottom line is that logistics is highly essential for the smooth functioning of all fields of human activities.

MBA in logistics is of immense help to people, but one has to enter this field with proper prior knowledge.  One gets theoretical and practical knowledge while doing an MBA in logistics. If properly done, people will be able to work confidently and they could also impress their colleagues and seniors at the workplace. The prerequisite for joining an MBA in logistics is two years of working experience since this course is reserved for working professionals. The candidate should be having experience in supply chain and logistics or a related field. Candidates with science, commerce and technology background would be preferred to others for an MBA in logistics.

The business environment is becoming increasingly complex these days and organizations with forethought are driving their way through sophisticated data analysis. This is exactly where logistics management skills are required. Anyone with a good flare for problem solving, knowledge of computer software and spread sheets would be welcome in the field of logistics. There are great prospects of career in logistics, which is expected to grow by 20% by 2018.

The economic growth is highly dependent on logistics and supply chain management. Therefore this field needs to be reorganized with huge career prospects. Innovations in this field are contributing to cost reductions too which is a welcome move to the general public of a developing nation.

Having a degree in management will help an individual to understand the core issues of the field. They would be able to handle technology and management since a degree in management enriches one’s managerial skills.

1. Logistics Management Analyst: These posts are about streamlining processes. They work towards making manufacture, storage, distribution, transportation and shipping more efficient. They also collect and analyze data and try to find out the best way to use company’s resources and to achieve the goals of the company.

2. Logistics Coordinator: They track and resolve shipping, warehouse and carrier shipping errors. They also monitor inventory, resupply requirements and shipment schedules at terminal locations. They also build relationships with carriers and dispatchers.

After an MBA in logistics one can go for consulting which is a good way to earn a lot of bucks. Warehouses are the other option where one can learn all aspects of logistics. The pay here depends on experience levels. People with 5-10 years of experience will earn a sum with 6 digits! Logistics degree holders can work as operations and systems analysts, fleet operations managers or loss prevention managers. There are posts of import-export managers, directors of purchasing, production managers or quality assurance managers. Apart from the careers in logistics, a post graduate in logistics could venture into other fields too since the managerial skills would come to his or her rescue.

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