Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The magic of voice

Songs has been a source of contentment for many, listening to melodious voices helps a lot in changing your mood; it soothes your soul and provides a sense of support at times of emotional attacks. We generally tend to see that a number of people listen to songs according their present mood, and the type of environment they are in. I am sure you must also be following the rules of considering emotional and senti songs as your best friends, the time when you are alone! Not only songs, but a sweet voice can do wonders to cheer you up, same is the strategy adopted by companies to market their products.

Voice or sound is the main source behind the success of any communication process, have you ever imagined, how the world would be, without sound, it all would be so dumb and confusing talking to people in sign language. Voice has in many ways become the income source for a large number of people, there is a whole industry based on voice called voice industry. In fact many youngsters are very excited to make the world recognize their voice, to make their dreams turn into reality, many institutes and colleges have got open to provide voice training to students.

The various professions which helps you to spread the magic of your voice are radio Jockeys, Voice artists, voice dubbing, voice over, narration, commentators, mimicry, actors, cartoon artists, stand- up comedians, etc. The various training centers which helps in toning your voice quality, are Indian Voice Training Centre, National School of Drama, and many other centers which provide courses in acting, because voice is the most important part of acting. Also, all the voice artists can increase their knowledge and get updates about the global developments in this industry by attending VOICE- Voice Over International Creative Experience, which is an annual global conference held in Los Angles for all the voice artists. I hope this would be a help and a motivation for those having sweet and melodious voices, to use their natural talent and gift the world with a new celebrity.


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