Sunday, March 7, 2010

Career in Tea Management

I am sure you must have heard of careers in wine tasting abroad, so, here comes a similar career in tea tasting in India that is quickly gaining eyeballs these days. An author had once said ‘Tea is a cup of life’ but it can actually be an income for life with the upcoming demand for specialists in tea industry.

India is the largest producer of tea, the most popular beverage in the world. Therefore, it is needless to emphasize that it holds maximum scope for career in this exciting field. In its nascent stages only, various jobs in India in tea management are attracting attention and making many curious.

A tea management professional could work in tea broking houses, tea companies, tea gardens, tea associations and Tea Board of India. An experienced tea specialist can also look into tea brokerage, tea tasting, research and consulting for further options. If you are inquisitive about more options and scope in tea management career, you have got quite a few to weigh its prospects.

You can become a Plantation or Factory Manager, Tea taster, Researcher, Tea Broker or even a Consultant. Your career path may progress from Assistant to Assistant Manager to Manager in a period of around 12-15 years. If you like to live in the arms of nature, have leadership and marketing abilities, interest in tea plantation and can abstain from smoking and drinking, career in tea management is ideal for you.

The remuneration offered in this field is also petty decent but you should be a nature lover to succeed. In fact, good salaries, attractive incentives and a comfortable lifestyle have been drawing youngsters to this career path. On an average, trainees usually fetch around Rs. 5,000; seniors in the field get around Rs. 25,000 and specialized experts draw anywhere from 40-50, 000 per month.


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