Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dancing- An art of expression !

Some express their emotions through speaking, many writes whatever they have in mind, few cry and let their heart weep out the feelings, but very few expresses themselves through dancing. Dancing is a very popular art of expression; it let your whole body speak what you feel and helps in easing out the tensions of your life. This is a personal experience, I mean dancing helps me a lot to overcome mental stress and suddenly you feel a cool breeze of contentment flowing in you, and suddenly you experience calmness and peace.

Dancing is an amazing passion, which has been converted to profession by many dancers. Dancing styles and type vary according to a person’s background and interest. There are many dancers in India who are famous for their specialities in folk, classical or traditional dances. But the latest and the most happening dance form which is actually a mix of all and has grabbed the attention of most of the youngsters these days is Bollywood dancing. Dancing in bollywood, or stage shows or performances on bollywood songs is not new, but what’s new is the rising interest of the young generation in this type of profession. Because of the prevalence of professional courses, which has a direct link to your career interest, many students after their high school or along their graduation take classes in dancing or singing.

Infact, there are graduation and masters degree also available in careers like dancing, and for being a perfect dancer, and to know its entire why’s and how’s, one must take the basic learning from a dancing college. Banaras Hindu University, Rabindra Bharati University, University of Mumbai, are some of the popular colleges for earning degree in dance. Its too, interesting na, you can have a full- fledged degree to practise your passion.

Being a dancer is not the only profession in the dancing field; you can also choose to be a choreographer, the one who designs the dance performance for the dancers. Choreography is coming up as a great career, and for this, you must first learn to be a good dancer yourself. Some of the most popular choreographers in the country are Sahaimak Davar, Prabhu Deva, Saroj Khan, Farah Khan etc. They have set new benchmarks for the people like us, by listening to their hearts and achieving success in the field of interest, they were obsessed with, you actually need to have that excitement and energy to be able to reach such heights. And I think I am wrong they have not only achieved success, they have set examples for the world, they are the role models for the upcoming dancers, and we must learn from them how to convert our passion into profession!


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