Thursday, March 4, 2010

Handmade chocolates- the best gift ever !

Chocolates are man’s best friends, they support you when you are sad, by filing in their sweetness in your life and act as a mode of celebration, when you are happy. Chocolates are the ultimate source to bring smile on the faces of your loved ones; they have the power to cheer up your mood, even if you’re extremely sad. They are the best gift one could ask for, and specially chocolates helps in bridging the gaps in your relation.

Like with teddies and flowers, any girl like you or me, would love to get pampered by chocolates. Also, dark chocolates tempts one’s soul like anything, they are the sweetest tool to save a place in your friend’s heart. I think there would be very few people on this earth, who would say no to chocolates, starting from a kid to the oldies, everyone likes chocolates, even though they might be diabetic, they love to take one piece to satisfy their temptation. And just imagine you could make chocolates at your place, I mean this was a dream for me, till the time I heard of a profession called chocolatiers, they are the people who are experts in making chocolates. And these are not like the ordinary chocolates your mom or may be a neighbour aunt can make, these are the ditto chocolates which we buy from market, dark chocolates also, so exciting na!

I am sure everyone would agree that chocolate making is an art, but the best part is we all can learn this art, there are many schools like online Ecole Chocolat School, many hobby classes and workshops are also arranged for people who are keen to learn this talent. Just think, you would so very easily be able to impress you friends and loved ones by presenting handmade chocolates to them. This could beat any gift given to them ever, as other than the original sweetness, it would be instilled with all your love and emotions and the pain which you took in making them. So, I think we all must learn this art, and see the amazing smile on the faces of our friends when you surprise them with this wonderful gift!


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