Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Looking for Off-beat Careers: Try Politics

For the youth of today, mainstream careers lack luster and have become drab and boring. They are always found looking for something new and interesting where they can employ their knowledge and creativity to the fullest. ‘Excitement’ is the new buzzword as Gen-X continuously strives to explore novel as well as challenging career options. According to eminent career experts, politics can be one of the most interesting and exciting careers for the upcoming generation.
Politics has always been looked down by people sometimes justifiably but sometimes not. It is true that politics as a profession is laden with corruption, bribery and dishonesty as one keeps listening about multi-crore scams and misappropriation of funds everyday. But, this fact can also not be denied that it is we who choose septuagenarian leaders to rule our rapidly developing nation.

It is extremely important that youth begins to shoulder the responsibilities of growing the country rather than escaping from them. Our country, apparently, needs young politicians with clarity of thought and decision making abilities to trigger quicker progress. The best and maybe the worst part about opting politics as a career is that it does not need any formal education or degree unlike other professions. Anyone with an ability to absorb knowledge and work for welfare of the public is eligible to serve the country and more than a billion people.

Though, becoming a politician does not require any specialization or training, there are some courses offered by Delhi University and other institutes in this field. These may be certificate courses or diploma courses or even degree courses.

Some of the kinds of courses offered are listed below:
  • 3 year B.A. (Honors) in Politics
  • 2 year M.A. in Politics and International Relations
  • 1 year M.Phil. in Politics and International Studies
  • Ph.D in Politics and Economics
  • Short-term course on ‘Politics in India’ from DU


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