Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gujarat hoping for help from IFC, for funding in higher education projects

Higher education is the ultimate route, which helps in landing the person to his dream job. Whether it’s you or me, everyone wants to achieve high degrees from good institutes or colleges, the degrees which helps us in cracking most demanded jobs in the industry. The students in the small cities of the country, mostly have to sacrifice their luxurious and lavishing lifestyle in their hometown and move to the metro cities, for obtaining higher education. But now there is good news for the students of Gujarat, the International Finance Corporation, has formed associations with the Gujarat government to help the underserved areas of the city, with the facility of higher education.

The development support agency of Gujarat has appointed IFC, as the main transaction advisor, to help in the set-up of the higher educational institutions, as a result of public- private partnerships. This would definitely lead to a developmental start up of the higher education projects in the state. This is according to a report by business standard, under which it was mentioned that the project which is planned for five years, will provide higher education to 1000 students every year. The city of Gujarat has already been famous for its structural reforms and according to the reposts, the city is said to produce 20 million by the year 2020, in almost all the major industries of the country.

Providing higher education to the underserved areas of the city will surely be an achievement for the government and also because of the larger interests and involvement of the private sector in the reformation of the education as an industry, this declaration, doesn’t seem to be fake or wage. So, in the next few years, we would surely be able to see city of Gujarat as another major hub of education.


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