Wednesday, April 21, 2010

US Scholarships for Indian Students

There is good news for students wishing to study in an American University and attain a US degree. As academic relations between India and US are evolving, educational opportunities for students are witnessing an upward trend. In lieu of the various university tie-ups, large numbers of scholarships are up for grabs for Indian students within India.

Paul Folmsbee, US General, said that since the education system in both India and US is federal, US universities will be able to operate in India. Though he clarified that one should not expect them getting set up here, they will be looking at opening centers and tie-ups with Indian Universities.

Subsequently, possibilities of opening up of new universities are also anticipated as a result of partnership between Indian and American universities. In this way, India can benefit most from community colleges, higher and innovative technology developments, new job generation and training and development of teachers.

Folmsbee also stressed on the significance of public-private partnership and research and development in the field of technology. In fact, this will benefit not only students from India but will make India an education destination attracting students from abroad. With the economy of US bouncing back and reviving its trade relations with India, such academic approach seems important.

Various student exchange programmes and schemes have also been worked out and made active. More contribution in terms of funds and participation has increased from the countries, India and US.

Such steps will ensure more number of opportunities for students from both India and outside. This will also help students explore better opportunities as those who could not afford education in America earlier will now benefit from the tie-ups. It will, in a way, improve relations between the countries as they come together to offer better academic facilities. For the complete information about education in India, abroad, courses, and other, visit here:


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