Monday, May 10, 2010

Achieving Excellence in Higher Education

The education sector in India is set to reach new heights with top Indian B-schools and technology colleges spreading their wings. The entry of foreign universities into the country also shows positive signs for students who will now be endowed with better academic opportunities.

Union Human Resource Development Minister, Kapil Sibal is spearheading a huge reform by asking focus on increasing the number of college enrollments and the creation of more infrastructures for education institutes.

According to him:
-Education sector should be given priority lending rates and not commercial rates to enable construction of more schools and colleges across the country.
-The gross enrolment ratio (GER) should be improved which demands focus on substantially increasing the number of college going and research students. The GER of other countries varies from 40 to 50% whereas it is as low as around 12% in India, thus, becoming a matter of serious concern.

The coming up of new institutions would definitely add volumes to the opportunities available in higher education. This will help in potentially increasing enrolment and improvement of quality both directly and indirectly. But, this will help only if the foreign universities impart education in line with the goals, objectives and mission of Indian higher education.

The importance of creativity, new ideas and innovation has to be understood by our education system. It must give space to students and help them develop the qualities they already possess rather than forcing them to follow conventional study patterns. The scope and extent of collaborative learning and exchange programmes is huge and needs to be taken advantage from.

The mission of higher education in India is better access and excellence. As more students pursue higher education and take up research, it will bring immense benefits for the country and its economy.


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