Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Increasing parental pressure

Another case of student’s suicide, another death and another loss of a factor contributing to the growth of the country! It really made me to fall in a state of shock, when recently I came across the news of a new suicidal case attempted by a student of class X, from the fear of not scoring well in the board exams. This incidence makes me talk about the orthodox behaviour and throw a light on the poor state of mind; people still carry in the present arena of so- called modern and matured world. The expectations and the imposition of the dreams which the parents have been carrying from childhood of their kins, puts a pressure on the minds of the children, which in turn, makes the children take such major steps.

Time, from when the child takes birth in the family, to the time, when he or she prepares for his future, the family members, especially the parents starts expecting from the child, as what he would become in the future and what would be his potential goals and aims. The expectations which the parents has from his child, puts a lot of burden on the minds of the children, making them loose their selves and taking such drastic steps. This has not only happened in the cases of board exams, but students appearing for medical or engineering exams, have also been seen attempting suicides, from the fear of not clearing or because of not clearing the examination.

The parents somehow, attach their prestige and pride to their student’s educational achievements and qualifications. This is right at one point, but the parents must also try and understand the capabilities and strengths of their children and most importantly should prioritise the interests and the choices of their children. A child always want to fulfil the aims and dreams of his parents, he puts in his best efforts to achieve the same, but at the same time, the parents should also modify their approach towards the career of their children and start viewing from their children’s perspective and also in accordance to the need and demands of the time!


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