Friday, June 25, 2010

Converting Women’s Colleges into Co-Ed

After centuries of ignorance, women are now getting their share in all sectors, especially education. There are, in fact, numerous only-women colleges all around the country to encourage and promote learning among females.

With the launch of women’s professional colleges barely a year ago, the institutes are already expressing a desire to turn them co-educational. This has given birth to questions like- were managements taking advantage of government incentives by opening all women colleges or are women really not interested in technology and business. AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education), the umbrella regulatory body for professional technical colleges in India had relaxed various norms to promote women education. And, so the applications from institutes to turn co-ed have been turned down by the AICTE.

Not allowing women’s colleges to get co-educational, AICTE committee has asked them to submit an undertaking saying that they will never apply for the same. According to them, the acceptance of conversion would mean defeating the very purpose of the scheme and the relaxed norms. Moreover, it will not be ethically healthy to start the institute as all women and convert it later into co-educational.

But, the management of the institutes emphasized that seats could not be filled with only women as there are not many applicants. They added that most of the girls preferred co-educational colleges over all girls and so, they should be given permission for conversion. It is interesting to note that some of the colleges under the scheme have already been converted but the new acting Chairman of AICTE, S.S. Mantha said he would not allow it anymore discontinuing the conversion scheme.

AICTE’s stand on non-conversion of women institutions to co-educational is a welcome move. It shows the dedication and seriousness involved in promoting education for women across the country.


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