Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Is course more important or college?

The cut-off list is out and this year’s cut–off is invariably high. The students are really in a shock to see the 5-6% hike in the cut-off this year as compared to the last years. The panic for the admission into one’s favourite college has already started. Students are getting very worried about their future and are now eagerly waiting for the next cut–offs. These cut-off lists of the college of Delhi university, plays the most important role in letting a student choose the right course and college for him. The top most colleges of Delhi University like, Hindu, LSR, KMC, Hansraj, have the highest of the cut-offs, because of which many students are facing the stages, where their dreams might get broken.

In fact, I heard on radio that for taking admission in the choice of their college, many students are even ready to change their course. I know college is important, but changing the choice of course, because of the unavailability of the seat in college of your choice, is something really not acceptable. I mean, how a student can compromise with his choice of his career. A student is said to give his best efforts in the studies, if the course he is perusing is of his interest. But, sacrificing your choice for the college does not seem to be a wise decision. The brand name of the college does matter, but I don’t think that should overpower the choice of your career.

Therefore, the decision of the course as well as the college should be taken very wisely. It’s a life time decision and affects the whole future of the student. So, all the students should be very careful with the course they opt for, which should surely be a reflection of your interests and preferences.


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