Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Give alphabets the shape of your imagination

Right career goal and the correct route to achieve that destination is the most important requirement these days. It is generally seen, that students tend to opt for a career field, which is in demand and which is preferred by a large number of other students. But I am sure there are students who have an urge to do something different and want to pave their route towards success in a different way. Today, I was reading about a career field, which would surely interest all the students with an inclination towards creativity and the course is calligraphy. I know it’s quite shocking, but it seems to be an interesting career opportunity for those blessed with the flavour of innovation and creativity. 

Career in calligraphy in today’s date is not only limited to handwriting, but it has also extended its arena in the fields of graphic designing and digital media. The students aiming for this career, needs to have a flair in writing styles and the proficiency over drawing creative images of words and producing new ways of writing alphabets and numbers. Beautifying a document and giving new meanings to it, is the main job of a calligrapher. There is no university course in calligraphy provided in India, but still there are many short term courses, which make a student earn proficiency in the field of calligraphy. Institutes like Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, New Delhi, Achyut Pallav School of Calligraphy, Mumbai, Calligraphy India, New Delhi, etc, are the ones which are renowned for providing calligraphy courses in India. 

There are many other institutes also, but before taking admission in those, you must check the credibility of the institute and the education provided by them. The scope of this career is growing day by day with its need in the various fields of designing like fashion designing and interior designing. So if you have the power of imagination, then you can surely rock the world of designing by learning the art of calligraphy. 


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