Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Delhi and Bangalore Shine as Education Hotspots

According to ‘Education Hotspots in India Survey 2010’, Delhi and Bangalore have come across as the most preferred education destinations by Indian students. It covered all streams of education-arts, engineering, medicine, MBA and others to identify the popular choices among students willing to pursue higher education.

Some of the popular education destinations for students in India include Pune, Mumbai and Chennai. This one-of-a-kind survey conducted by an education and career networking site focused more on a student’s preference than on college rankings. It takes into account the perceptions of students as to where they would prefer studying across various streams. With more than 2000 students participating in the survey from both tier - I and II cities, it is clear that those from smaller cities are actively looking for information online and are interested in moving to another city for better education. The needs and aspirations of students are changing over the years and that is apparent by the results of the survey. Let us take a look at some of them:

Delhi is the top choice for pursuing studies in arts followed by others like Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore.
Delhi also emerged to be the first preference for commerce students succeeded by Mumbai and Bangalore.
Delhi is the favorite with medical aspirants as well while Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai next in the league.

With Delhi topping the charts all through arts, commerce and medical courses, next comes the turn for Bangalore. It is the most preferred destination for students wishing to make a career in streams related to science, engineering and MBA.

Delhi follows closely by being the next best center for studies in science and engineering with Chennai as the third preference. As for MBA; Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai are preferred next to Bangalore.


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