Thursday, January 10, 2013

Yahoo! and IIT Madras

A confluence of rich tradition and great cultural heritage, Chennai exhibits an excellent amalgamation of tradition, modernity as well as technology. This unsurpassable blend of modernity and culture has been successful in transforming the city into a unique one. With long sandy beaches, historic landmarks and buildings, Chennai is one of the important tourist attractions not only in south India but across India as well. The country’s longest beach Marina Beach is located in this city.

Apart from all these, Chennai is also an important educational hub of the country and boasts of a literacy of rate of 90.33 percent. Home to a large number of educational institutes, one can choose from various courses, right from engineering to medical, and journalism and liberal arts. Some of the best educational institutes in the country like Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, Asian College of Journalism, University of Madras are located in this city. Let us take a look at the same.

Founded in 1959 with technical and financial assistance from West Germany, Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT M) is one of the premier institutes in the country offering courses in engineering as well as management studies. With fifteen academic departments and 100 laboratories, IIT M follows a semester system.
A residential institute, one of its unique features is that, the campus occupies a portion that was formerly a part of the Guindy National Park. Because of this, much of the campus is a protected forest; pretty often deer and black bucks can be spotted here.

This elite institute maintains academic friendship with various educational institutes across the globe through exchange programmes. Every year selected students and faculty members are sent to various universities in other countries for a semester or so. IIT M has entered into liaison with universities such as University of Tokyo, Japan, University of Manheim, Germany.

The institute’s partnerships with several companies have also yielded great results. For example, IIT M recently joined hands with Yahoo! India’s R&D in order to launch the Yahoo! Grid Computing Lab in the campus. The cluster of high-end servers in the lab will allow researchers to access the web-scale data which will enable students to conduct research on cloud computing systems.

Uses of cloud services empower companies to drastically improve innovation and agility at web scale. Since more companies are switching services to cloud computing, it has emerged as a significant area of research in order to explore new avenues. This partnership will help IIT M to analyze and process huge volumes of unstructured and structured data.

The faculty and the students at IIT M are excited about this new opportunity as it will allow breakthrough work progress in the near future.

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