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Information about National Talent Search Examination

National talent search examination is basically a special program held every year to provide scholarship to all those students who have achieved a good academic record and intellectual level. This specific scholarship exam is actually started by the NCERT and under the guidance of the Government of India. Initially, students who were studying in class tenth were only allowed to appear for this exam with a limited number of seats assigned by the organization. The National Talent Search Examination is considered to be one of the prestigious and toughest exams, and students with Indian nationality can only appear for this renowned examination. Around 1.5 lack students appear for this exam each year. Scholarship seats are categorized as, general, schedule caste (SC) and schedule tribes (ST).

Initially, this particular examination was confined to only science, but now it is extended to other fields as well such as, engineering, medicine and social science. Therefore, this exam is renamed as NTSS (National Talent Search Scheme). On the other side, this scholarship program is made available for class eleventh and twelfth students as well. However, exams are separately conducted for each class.  

Selection Procedure for National Talent Search Examination  

The selection procedure for NTSE is mainly divided into two stages. These two stages include a state level examination and a national level examination in India. Here we are providing detailed information about the structure which is followed in the case of National Talent Search Scheme:
State Level Examination: The state level examination is mainly divided into two major sections. One is MAT (Mental Ability Test) and the other one is SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test). The questions in scholastic aptitude test are mainly asked related to eight major subjects, History, Geography, Civics, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Economics). Students belonging to any board whether it is ICSE, CBSE or any state board, all are eligible to appear for this examination and the result of this state level examination is usually declared in the month of March every year.     
National Level Examination: The national level examination also includes two major sections, i.e., MAT and SAT and the pattern of these exams is similar to that explained in state level examination. Around four thousand students are selected for this national level examination. However, all of them first need to clear their state level examination.  
The last stage is to screen all those students for the last round which is an interview conducted by NCERT. The further stage of interview can only be scheduled after the declaration of national level exam in NTSE. These interviews are normally scheduled in the month of May every year.

Changes Made in Scholarship Programs 

There are certain conditions followed in this special scholarship program. Some of the features are described below:
• It is declared that the scholarship amount is to be increased by five hundred rupees every month, and it is only applicable for eleventh onward classes. However, this specific scheme is not valid for Ph. D scholars
• UGC norms are usually followed while making payments for this scholarship for any specific class group.
• The criteria of considering parental annual or monthly income is also discarded while deciding the scholarship amount for the eligible student.
• The benefit of receiving books through this scholarship program has also been eliminated from the scheme.

Therefore, students who clear the National Talent Search Examination are eligible to receive their scholarship support till their doctorate studies. However, it is to be noted that the third level of selection which is an interview stage has been canceled from the year 2011 after making certain changes in the examination structure in 2010. The concerning authority is discussing over the fact that this interview stage can be discontinued or permanently canceled for the coming years. Overall, this specific exam gives a wonderful opportunity to all brilliant students who can clear this exam and can easily pursue their career with the help of the provided financial assistance.

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