Friday, March 22, 2013

05 Costly College Admissions Mistakes

1 - Focusing on a very narrow field of colleges

This is admirable but foolish in the same stroke. If you are single-minded, ruthless and confident enough to go for just one college, then why not? With an attitude like that, you will probably get into any college you set your mind to. On the other hand, you may have to come to terms with the fact that you will not gain entry into that college. This leaves you with a few options. You can take a year off and try some other colleges next year, or in the meanwhile you can get more qualifications so that the college that rejected you will accept you. Another option is applying to lots of backup colleges--just in case your preferred one turns you down.

2 - Thinking that colleges want good all-round applicants

Colleges consider a good all-rounder to be a perk, and not a requirement. If an applicant is good all-round then it is a sign of academic expertise, which is a good selling point for them. However, if you are applying for a degree in biology, and you aced your science exams, it won’t matter if you did poorly in English, French and geography, etc.

3 - Thinking that the essay has to be perfect

It does have to be good and well written, but perfection is not what the colleges are looking for. They are looking for people who are not going to drop out. They are looking for people who have the motivation and brains to do well in their college. They are looking for people who are not going to bring disgrace to the school. It is up to you to address all of these issues (without making it obvious that you are doing it). You must be aware of those colleges’ priorities, and adhere to them, without appearing to adhere to them.

4 - Thinking they won’t check your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, etc

This is foolish because even though the colleges do not have the time to go through and background check everyone, they do have the time to check social media and to Google your name online. If you have assured them that you do not drink or smoke drugs, and have pictures of you with a beer bong in one hand and a smoke bong in the other, your application will go down the toilet.

5 - Thinking that VIP recommendations matter more than they do

They do matter a lot, but only if they are from very important people. For example, Prince Harry in Britain got a recommendation to Eton by his dad Prince Charles, and his grandma the Queen. His recommendation must have mattered because he only came out of Eton with a B in art, and E in geography. So they do matter but other factors such as your academic achievements, past glories, essay, interview, enthusiasm and lack of criminal history, are going to play a much bigger role (unless you know the royal family).

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This guest post was contributed by Alice N. She is a writer for essay writers review website.


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