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Why Study in Australia ?

Prospective international and overseas students see Australia as one of the most preferred destinations for pursuing their higher education. Australia’s popularity as a hub for international students has scaled new heights in the recent years, thanks to its robust educational system. Also, the introduction of a slew of educational reforms by its government has made higher education easily accessible for international students. The statistics speak for themselves and as per several studies; the number of international students seeking admission in Australia is increasing at a rate of 14% per year. Hence, it makes sense to understand why Australia has emerged as a top–notch destination for international students. A breakdown of some of the most evident reasons has been mentioned below.

Emphasis on High Quality:-

If we compare universities all across the globe, universities in Australia are known for superior quality and training in almost all aspects of education. Some of the top–notch universities like the University of Melbourne, Australian National University, University of Sydney, University of Queensland, University of New South Wales and Monash University have been consistently ranked very high on quality ratings globally. The faculty and quality of teaching in these universities is renowned worldwide.

World Renowned Certifications & Degrees:-

Universities in Australia provide degrees that are internationally recognized all across the globe. Most of the universities in USA, UK, Japan, Singapore and other reputed education destinations accept and recognize these degrees.

Diverse Course and Profiles:-

Globalization has given a chance to entrepreneurs to identify new avenues of growth and fuel the economies of their respective countries. This has given way to a variety of courses and degree programs. The global industry has woken up to demands of every sector and specialization programs for specific industry has been introduced in Australian universities. Gone are the days when engineering or medicine was the sole attractions for students. Nowadays, students are opting for out-of-the-box careers like photography, humanities, liberal arts, fashion technology, creative writing etc.

Transparent Government Legislations:-

The Australian government has worked consistently to improve educational legislations to ensure that students are comfortable in obtaining educational loans and they find no hindrance in completing their education.

Competitive Tuition Fees:-

One of the foremost concerns of international students is the fairly high tuition fees. While Australian universities aren’t very inexpensive, tuition fees in Australian universities still remains globally competitive. The living cost in western economies has increased to a great extent for international students and it takes away a major chunk of their fee; however, in Australia, the scenario is still competitive, making it a globally preferred education destination.

Engaging & Attractive Lifestyle:-

Australia offers a safe, stable and friendly education culture to students from different countries. As aforementioned in the beginning, Australia’s multicultural society makes it superbly comfortable for students to gel with students and people from diverse backgrounds. Moreover, as a country, it has a wide tolerance for people from all nationalities or ethnic origins. Just within a period of few months or weeks, international students feel comfortable and at home in this vast and beautiful continent.

Part–time Work Opportunities:-

Exposure to several professional networks all across Australia gives students the chance to work during their stay and eke out a living to support their lifestyle. There are extensive student networks all across the country to support students in searching for suitable jobs that fits their time, skills and schedule. The work flexibility given to students adds more value to the personality of students.

Government–Aided Scholarships:-

Currently, the Australian government provides several international scholarships for meritorious students. At any given time, the government supports 5000 international students and world-class researchers to study in this country. As per conservative estimates, the Australian government invests nearly US$300 million every year to support scholarship programs for international students.

Last but not the least, Australian universities are very specific in their admission process and one may have different criteria for selection than the other. So it is necessary that you research properly to find out the ideal course you want to pursue. This is where the role of educational consultants and teachers comes into play. You should seek help from your college teachers and registered educational consultants to discover more about Australia and its education. This way you can chalk out your career and succeed in your dreams.

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