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A leading hub of education!

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras belongs to the type of fresh age group institutions of nationwide significance in higher edification in the field of Technology and Science. The institute has matured from strength to strength ever since and has established itself as a leading hub for education, consultancy and research.

Campus of IIT Madras:

The Institute has a stunning and captivating campus in Southern Chennai. The independent campus environment stimulates scholarly and other positive pursuits in the students. Indian Institute of Technology Madras was established in the year 1959 and is one amongst the leading institutes for higher technical education, fundamentals and practical research. IIT Madras is an institute which is residential in nature with almost 4600 students, 465 faculty and 1260 managerial & supporting workers. It is a self-sufficient campus situated in a gorgeous wooded terrain of about 260 hectares. There are15 educational departments and a few highly developed centres for research in different disciplines of pure sciences and engineering, with almost 115 labs structured in an exceptional model of performance. A faculty of global reputation, an excellent student society, brilliant & supportive staff and a successful management have all made a contribution to the paramount status of IIT Madras. The institute is in Chennai which also happens to be the capital of Tamilnadu. The campus is right across the Central Leather Research Institute and Anna University. It extends over 260 hectares of verdant green forest, which is in the middle of the Chennai Airport and is well linked by road and rail.

Life in the Campus:

The campus of Indian Institute of Technology Madras is spread over an area of natural flora and fauna. It has three different zones- Residential, Academic and Hostel. As far as the infrastructure is concerned the institution has unmatched facilities to offer to its students, and fellow members. It is in the quest to offer a pollution free environment to the members by giving them bicycles and battery driven buses to commute inside the campus. It also has amenities for health care, sports, post office, bank, shopping, etc within the premises of the campus. The campus is forever buzzing with activity with extracurricular activities which keep the atmosphere exciting. The Activities Centre for students popularly known as SAC is the centre for all indoor sports activities. Hostel events like Freshies' Nite are also organized by SAC. It is also the venue for the Annual Convocation of IIT Madras. The recreational facilities like the Music Club, Hiking Club and the Astronomy Club etc give students the opportunity to go beyond academics and pursue their passion and hobbies. Festivals like SHAASTRA and SAARANG are celebrated annually and give students the chance to explore their technical and creative skills.

Department of Management Studies at IIT Madras:

The Department of Management Studies commonly referred to as DoMS is the business school under IIT Madras. It is in Chennai and was established in the year 2004 although IIT Madras started MBA course in 2001. The main amenities are a library, a lab, residential amenities, medical help, banking amenities, canteen, transport facilities etc. The main recruiters are Deloitte, Citibank, Infosys, CavinKar, Dell etc. MBA at IIT Madras has been created to recommend the exceptional IIT benefit to the students of business management. Situated within the IIT knowledge surroundings, Department of Management Studies offers education of business within India’s esteemed campus for technology, science, social sciences and humanities. This exclusive access to a mix of knowledge streams nourishes the MBA program to create a distinct type of industry professionals.

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