Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How to Efficiently and Effectively Get a Job through Social Media

If you have already used all of the traditional job finding ways with no success, you should expand your search to include social media outlets. Here we have listed the ways you can efficiently and effectively get a job through social media.

Using LinkedIn

A lot of professionals already have LinkedIn accounts. Some of you may not, but don't worry. You can still create an account and use this professional site in order to successfully land yourself a job.

●     If you want to use LinkedIn to help you find a job, the first thing you must do is join the site, and properly fill out your profile.
●     Then you need to make sure you add people to your network that you already know on a professional basis.
●     Ask those people you have added to your network for recommendations.
●     Follow up by answering questions pertaining to your industry or expertise in the LinkedIn questions section. This will help to prove you are actually knowledgeable on specific topics instead of you simply saying that you are. Proof is very important.
●     You should join groups on the site that are related, in some way or another, to  your career interests.
●     Now you can go ahead and search the job listings on LinkedIn. Apply to the job positions you are interested in.
●     If you want to draw attention to your LinkedIn profile, add the URL to your business card and hand it out at any relevant opportunities. Chances are higher that you will find a job if you continue to promote yourself both on and offline.


Twitter is one of the largest, most popular social media sites out in cyberspace right now. Take full advantage of that by using it in your job search. Here's how.

●     As always, you need to join Twitter and fill out your profile. Make sure you include links to all of your other networking pages or even your blog when filling out your information.
●     Follow people that are already successful in the industry you are trying to find a job in.
●     Make sure to regularly interact with people. Engage people at every given opportunity. You can do this by using the @ symbol, followed by their Twitter screen name. There is no space between the @ symbol and their name.
●     Post tweets demonstrating your skills and knowledge in relation to your desired industry, and make sure to ask the people already in that industry plenty of questions (including about job leads).
●     If you want to draw attention to your Twitter account, add the URL or your screen name to your business card, and hand out your card at every possible opportunity.


Facebook is one of the biggest names in social media, and chances are that 90% of everyone reading this has an account. Use it!

●     Join Facebook and properly set up your account if you have not already.
●     Post a note referencing your job search. Notes stay on the news feed longer than statuses do. If you mention a specific person on the note, or if you know that someone definitely does work in your field of expertise, tag them in it. This will not only draw their attention to the note, but also their own Facebook friends, as they will now also be able to see it. Make sure the note is public and not private, however.
●     Post status updates that keeps the fact that you are still looking for a job at the forefront of everyone's mind without being too blatant and 'in your face' about it. Post things about how your job searching is going, interviews you go to, and things such as that.
●     If you have a blog, post a link to any of your blogs which pertain to your job search on your Facebook account.
●     You can add your Facebook URL to your business cards just like with Twitter and LinkedIn.

General Tips

Here are a few bonus tips to finding your next job through social media networking.

●     Keep all of your information, on all of your sites, up to date.
●     Be clear and concise in what your attentions are, and where you want to end up.
●     Use verbal word of mouth in your day to day routine to reference your social media accounts, and gain more connections.
●     Be persistent without being annoying.
●     Always be optimistic. Keep a bright frame of mind, and don't be discouraged.

Did you benefit from our tips? Have you found that they worked well for you? Or do you have additional tips that you feel are important but that we left out? Let us know in the comments below! We can't wait to hear what you have to say!

Author Bio: Lisa is a writer for which recently featured an article on the Best Paying Jobs for 2013. Aside from writing, Lisa enjoyes biking and going on walks with her dog, Sadie. If you have any questions for Lisa, feel free to connect with her @DegreesThatPay on Twitter.


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