Friday, February 14, 2014

Maya Software - A Revolution in Animation Industry and 3d Animation

3D animation has changed the entertainment industry to a great extent. The 3D artists have continuously amazed the world with their excellent creativity. 3D animation is done with the help of many computer tools and software. It takes a great extent of talent, creativity, and skills to create a perfect animated movie. There is a whole team involved in making of an animated movie. Every member has its own role and contribution in each product.

The latest software that is used by professional designers and animators is the Maya software. The software has a very user friendly interface, thus, it is preferred by the professionals for various animation projects. It has outstanding lighting and shading options that come inbuilt with the software. Due to the ease and popularity of the software, it was awarded Academy Award for Scientific and Technical Achievement in the year 2003. Maya has been incorporated in some of the best and finest animated movies and television shows. The best thing about Maya software is that it is easily adaptable to any third party software.

If you want to be a good animation artist, then, you need formal training for that. There are numerous institutes that can help you in gaining proper knowledge about the animation industry. The institutes help you in the usage of software used in the animation industry by the artists. The institutes provide you variety of courses such as a full time degree courses as well as diploma or certificate courses. If you want to get complete knowledge about animation, then, you should go for complete 3 year degree program. There are also Maya short term courses available that are ideal for designers and animators who want to upgrade their knowledge. Apart from that, there are also online Maya 3D tutorials that can help you a lot in getting a better understanding of this advanced software.

When you need to enroll in an institute for animation course, then you must remember that you choose an institute with an excellent track record. The institutes also provide assistance to students in job placement. The institutes have collaboration with various companies, studios, and media houses where they provide jobs for the students. The institutes have well qualified teaching staff that has proper experience their respective field.

Once you are qualified as a graphic designer or animator from a reputed institute, you have a lot of opportunities in the animation industry. You can be employed in various media houses and other companies. Here are few job options for candidates with a degree or diploma in animation

  • Art directors
  • Video game developer
  • Corporate presentation
  • Architectural designer

Apart from these, there are many other job options for the aspirants but to take advantage of these opportunities, you must develop proper skills and knowledge from appropriate mentors and institutes.

Author’s Bio: The author is an animation expert and a known name in the field of animation and graphics. He is an instructor at tgcindia and provides students the best knowledge of the field of animation.


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