Monday, February 24, 2014

Learning English is no More a Problem

The education market in all countries is developing very rapidly as the students are showing great interest in foreign education. Same is the case with the Indian education sector. Every year, many of the students are flying abroad to take their higher education. For higher studies, the students are choosing the English native countries such as the UK and US. The students are very excited in this country to fly to other countries and pursue their higher studies in some other country. But it is not a piece of cake to go to some country and study. The students have to be fit to survive the foreign environment, and thus, the first step for this preparation is to learn the language of the nations in which the student is planning to pursue his higher studies.

Most of the students are choosing English speaking countries as their study destination, and hence, they are tested for their English through a test which is known as the IELTS exam.

The content:

Many of these students are making their way to prepare for this exam. There are many prestigious institutes, which provide the best IELTS coaching in Delhi. There are four skills tested in the exam of IELTS, which are:

• Reading
• Listening
• Writing and
• Speaking

Every year huge number of students take this test to make their way to their dream study destination in the English speaking countries, which make the test mandatory. Many people need guidance to prepare for this test, and thus, there are many coaching institutes operating throughout the country. Some of the best IELTS Coachings are in Delhi.


The coaching institutes provide assistance to candidates preparing to clear their way to the respective countries. They help them understand the fundamentals of this language.

The students from across the nation are pouring into the capital to get into these coaching institutes and polish their English language. Many of the students are successful enough to pass this test in the first trial, and many of them need a few trials to get it cleared. There are various countries, which ask for this test score from aspiring candidates. Some of these countries are:

• New Zealand
• Australia
• UK etc.

The exam is divided into various levels, which the student has to clear which are as follows:

• The listening section: 30 minutes in duration.
• Academic reading: 60 minutes of time.
• Academic writing: 60 minutes in duration.
• Speaking section: 11 to 14 minutes.
• The total time of 2 hours and 45 minutes.

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