Sunday, February 8, 2015

SAP HANA Training now launches free online training for the candidates

In recent times of modern technologies and complex data management, SAP HANA can be termed as one of the most important methods or appliance. It is mainly a platform for in-memory data with cloud features. It is not only an application of in-memory data management but also a system that can help in various hardware capabilities in increasing the performance of the application, or reducing the cost of the ownership, or providing such scenarios that can provide profit to the organization.

Thus, at present times SAP HANA is an important element and application for organizations handling huge databases and hence the there is a noticeable increase in the SAP HANA – Online SAP HANA training.

SAP HANA – its applications and certification

SAP HANA Basically offers you the expertise in creating new applications for integrating the business and control logic and also the data base for better performance. SAP HANA processes deal with the data in memory hence it is a system that works with cloud.

The course for SAP HANA comes in both free course and fee –based course depending upon the site or institute that is being approached for the training. The training mainly consists of three steps that are registration, learning and then the exam. Places where you are not provided with the training and learning, you can get your exam and certification free of cost but now there are a number of places where you can get registered with a fee and then can get materials and proper training for the exam.

There are three main streams in which SAP HANA offers certification to the candidates.

Technical consultants appear for the exam of C_HANATEC_1 that has topics of data provisioning, security and authorization, installation, system architecture implementation and system architecture design to cover. The exam is of 180 minutes where you have to complete 80 questions. After passing the exam you will be awarded with the certificate of SAP certified Technology Associate.

The test C_HANAIMP_1 is for application consultants and the topics to be covered are security and authorization, reporting, optimization, data provisioning, data modeling and business content. SAP Certified Application Associate is awarded after completing 80 questions in 180 minutes.

Admins and Support Specialists is the last program for which the certificated of SAP Certified Support Associate is awarded. The candidate has to complete the exam in 180 minutes answering 80 questions that are on the topics of installation, high availability, configurations, operations, monitoring, authorizations, trace, system reports, backup and recovery and performance.

Online training for SAP HANA

The website openSAP has launched a new kind of training for the candidates applying for SAP HANA where the candidates can avail the training online and that also free of cost.

As SAP HANA helps the organization by handling databases from RAM, thus it has been forecasted that the application will be of great use for future applications such as software development, cloud applications and others. Hence, initiatives are taken so that the course can be taken by maximum people and maximum people can get trained by the free course training of the SAP HANA on openSAP.

The online course training will be imparted in English and will be a training of approximately seven weeks time. The course will be supported by a number of examples and lectures of various faculties and some of the important personalities in the industry to make the training interesting as well as to introduce the candidates to the practical sessions in SAP. Also the SAP HANA – Online SAP HANA training has been approved by a number of faculties and authorities who take this training to be one of the use of way to make the world know about SAP HANA.

 Author Bio: Priya is a professional Training consultant and adviser on SAP education and career.  She acts as a guide and provides online training for students and job aspirants in IT industry.


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