Saturday, December 27, 2014


Clearing CAT has always been a dream for Indian business students. Without this, the chance to get admitted into the top league of MBA colleges like IIM’s is non-existent. Today, dreams of 1.70 lakh students are on hold. As 27th December 2014 approaches the result of CAT 2014 exam would unveil itself. One can only wonder what it would bring for the MBA aspirants.
Over the years, CAT has seen a lot of changes. 2014 was no different. Administrated by Tata Consultancy Services, the duration of the exam was increased by 30 minutes from 140 to 170 minutes. Along with that questions for each section – Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation plus Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning has increased from 30 - 50. Incorporating these changes the time duration for each question was also reduced from 2.20 minutes to 1.42 Minutes.
The reduction of time has proven to be directly proportional to the difficulty level, which can have diverse effects. An Assistant professor from MDI, Gurgaon stated that as there is less time per question, the difficulty level would be toned down and because of that the cut-offs to these business schools would go up.
A senior professor from one of the IIM’s hinted that though the question paper seemed easy, the cut-offs could be higher, especially where older IIM’s are concerned. The truth would only be known once the result is out and the cut-off list is declared.

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