Monday, August 17, 2015

What Parents can Expect from Boarding Schools

Primary education in India has been given its due importance and increasingly with Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan coming into fray, the emphasis on compulsory primary and elementary education has become significant across sections. There is a dire need to address the queries of the children and clear concepts rather than inculcating the concept of rote learning.  Education system in India at preliminary level needs to be overhauled with unique skill sets and these skills need to be developed at the primary level. Parents play a very crucial role in shaping their education by selecting the right teaching system that can cater to the actual needs of the students.

Interestingly, the bent towards private education has also gone up in the country. Boarding Schools have also made their way in being one of the best primary education providers in the country. Last month I visited Chinmaya Vidyalaya Nauni (a well-known boarding school near Shimla). This visit certainly changed my opinion towards boarding schools. This made me realize why hostel schools are getting on the top of the radar of parents in Tier I and Tier II metros and towns. Earlier, I thought the main reason for this shift from day school education to residential education was due to lack of quality time parents have for their children.

There has been a spurt in demand for worthy Boarding schools where parents are assured of right mentoring for their children. Respectable residential schools are equipped with best faculty, state-of-the art amenities and modern infrastructure that nurtures children in the most effective and efficient manner.

•    Discipline - Discipline is one of the most important factor that compels parents to send their students to these boarding schools. With great discipline comes great values.

•    Independent and Responsible – Boarding schools help kids in becoming responsible since students have to manage their basic daily tasks and homework on their own. Hence your kids learn how to best handle their needs without taking advantage of parents or siblings’ comfort zone. They are away from the overly pampered homely environment, it makes the children independent from a very early stage and they learn from their own mistakes.

•    Student focus – Hostel Schools generally have small class sizes which allows personal attention of the teachers with every student.

•    Enhances experience and Widens Horizon – Numerous courses are offered at Boarding Schools. Special emphasis is given to athletics and extracurricular activities. These residential schools has set benchmarks of performance and their results vouch for their credibility. Students are encouraged to be inquisitive, think out of box and tackle complex situations.

The decision of leaving children in a hostel is a tough one initially, however the majority of parents feel elated and proud to see their children becoming organized, confident and responsible citizens.

Author BioJeeni Peter is a content strategist and online blogger who loves to compose tips and latest trends in education industry to help students secure a better future.


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