Monday, December 28, 2015

A Good Teacher is a Real Role Model

A role model is a person who inspires you and encourages you to move ahead in life. A person we aspire to be like, a person whom we admire from the bottom of our heart. Every individual has a role model in their life. For some of us it is parents, for some others it is siblings and friends, and the list goes on. But for majority of us, the role models are our dear teachers.We can never forget our teachers who have helped us in the growth of our career, molded our personality and been with us in the vicissitudes of life.

We spent most of our schooling time with teachers. Even when we pass out from schools there are some teachers who still remain in our heart. They are remembered each and every day and they bring are sure to bring a smile on our face.After parents, we learn most of the things from our teachers.They are the ones who know our talents, nurture our talents and shape us as perfect citizen of the country. They are epitome of all virtues and contributors of good education.A good teacher is one who is very close to their students and helps the student whenever they are in trouble. There are instances when students need a push of motivation in life and a good teacher’s words can be a sheer motivation to them. A teacher who knows the in and out of a student will surely know their mental position too. If the student is distracted, a teacher is the one who can spot it first. A good teacher can build a strong relation with the student to a great extent.

A perfect teacher does not need the aid of a stick to make the class quiet. He/ she just need words and deeds to capture the attention of students. There is a magical ability in a good teacher to lure the heart of the students.The caring mentality of teachers will always be remembered by the students. Apart from just being a tutor, good teachers are also represented as an emblem of friendship.An open attitude of teachers will always help student to be more confident and strong enough in their professional field and personal life. A jovial and energetic teacher can create a happy environment and sustain happiness in class. But at the same time, a strict and dull teacher leaves no imprint in the life of a student. Instead these teachers will always gain personal grudges and dislikes from students. Knowledge is a vast ocean and teachers are the ones who take so much effort to impart the essence of knowledge to students.

Teachers, who are always a perfect tutor, friend and guiding light to us, are the ones who shape us to a great human being. They teach us the value of human rights and emotions and also teach us perfect etiquette and manners.A good teacher always knows their priority and responsibility towards students.Apart from all the above qualities they are also the ones who can teach their subject without keeping the students in stress and boredom. They have this magical way of teaching that a student will look forward to learn. A good and ideal teacher is a great assessor, entertainer, supporter, educator and so on.They know exactly what their student needs and they are so passionate and committed towards their students that they do all kinds of help, may it be educational or personal. A good teacher is sure to stay in minds of all students.

Their classes, examples, training etc. are exceptionally considered and valued by every student.A good teacher is always a combination of hundreds of qualities and stands apart for their efficiency. Nothing more can suffice and delight a teacher than they being their student’s role model.

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