Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bell The CAT [Common Aptitude Test]

For a student who aspires to pursue MBA from a reputed college clearing CAT exam can be a real nightmare, it sure isn’t a cake walk in order to land up in a reputed college in India or abroad for your management degree scoring well in CAT is important as most of the universities take CAT score into account, but one should not fear it its not a monster, hence here are a few tips that can help you crack you CAT exam:

  1. First of all don’t let it hover your brain so much, don’t think of it as an impossible task lots of students do it every year so can you, ease yourself of the psychological pressure.
  2. Don’t take it lightly, give it proper dedication and effort, set aside study time for it, just attending coaching classes wont help you have to set up personal study time daily.
  3. It is very essential to be careful of the strike rate, as a right answer is plus 1-2 marks, and a wrong answer is minus 1 mark. Hence an 85% accuracy rate is to be kept.
  4. It is practically impossible to attempt all the questions in your exam paper hence a wiser way would be to categorize questions on the basis of time and easiness, attempt those first which you know immediate answer for and are less time consuming.
  5. CAT is not just the test of your knowledge but also your ability to perform under pressure, it assesses your management skills hence choose well choose wisely.
  6. Do not be under the impression that you can clear CAT by studying for just a week or 10 days period, it needs a dedicated study approximately ranging from six months to a year for scoring a decent percentile.
  7. Choose a good coaching center to help you prepare for CAT, its not an easy job for everyone to prepare on their own, besides these coaching centers will provide you with the latest study material, mock tests, test papers, discussions, skilled tutorials, mock interviews and GDPs etc which will polish and prepare you well.

Hence, follow these points, study hard give in your 100% and you shall see CAT will be very easy to crack. Preparing for CAT doesn’t mean that all you need to do is study through out the year, strike a balance enjoy other activities but set aside a focused study hour as well. Good luck!

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  1. Your blog is Really Good. Thanks For Share information. i am also preparing for CAT 2009


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